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Meet Jill Chambers, Founder and President, sharing information about how to select an executor for your estate and Power of Attorney(s) (POA) for your property and medical care.

Thanks to Jill, I feel confident that when the time comes my family will have all the information and documents they need to execute my wishes. I know Financial Concierge™ will be there for my family and that gives me great comfort.
Maureen M.
Calgary, AB

Why is having a Will and POA important?

These documents put you in control of your future. Your POA will honour your healthcare and lifestyle choices - your Executor will manage your estate as directed

Did you know that 50% of Canadians do not have a Will (or valid Will) and POA documents? Why put at risk the nest egg you took a lifetime to build? Here’s just a handful of the many reasons why getting your affairs in order is a top priority.

How we can help

Estate Administration

Taking on the role of an Executor and/or POA is a big responsibility and requires a thorough understanding of the work, skills required, and personal liability assumed. We can coach your designated personal representative(s), or act as your Executor and POA should you not have someone you trust to assign to these roles.

And if you need a Will or POA, many of our clients use Epilogue to help them create their own basic Wills and Powers of Attorney (POA) documents. Epilogue may be a good option to explore if your situation is straightforward (ie/ leaving all property to spouse and/or children equally; no children from a second marriage; no family on government disability benefits; no foreign property).

We can help you to create these documents and depending on your location, serve as your Commissioner of Oaths to Commission the Affidavit of Execution.

Financial Concierge™ activities will include:

Personal Representative / Executor

Summary of Key Activities:

Power of Attorney

Summary of Key Activities:

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As a fiduciary, the Financial Concierge™ team holds a position of trust with our clients. We can coach your personal representative(s) or act as your personal representative in the management of your financial affairs and estate.

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