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A Client Story – Elderly Man with Mobility Issues

A Client Story – Elderly Man with Mobility Issues

A Client Story

“Henry” is fortunate to have 4 adult children in his life. His wife pre-deceased him 2 years ago. One daughter lives out of province. In order to be equitable, Henry has listed Mary and Terry as joint Agents for his Personal Directive; Terry and Perry a joint Powers of Attorney; and Perry and Mary as joint Executors. Sounds good? Not really. None of the four siblings get along particularly well each having a variety of challenges in their personal lives from physical, to emotional, to financial. As a result, nothing is attended to in a timely manner.

Henry lives on his own with 24 hour in-home care related to mobility challenges. Assistance is required in organizing all aspects of his life from healthcare to personal care to finances.

We have stepped in to assist with everything so that the family can focus on their own challenges and just enjoy spending social time with Henry.

“Financial Concierge has been a god send for us! We were drowning and chasing our tails before you stepped in to help!”

Do you need help with your finances or other day-to-day challenges? Book a Consultation with us to see if we would be a good fit!

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Stats About One-Person Households & A Client Story

Stats About One-Person Households & A Client Story

In case you missed it…

In 2016, one person households became the most common living arrangement in Canada for the first time, accounting for 28% of all households and representing 4 million Canadians. The number of people living alone, between the ages of 35 and 64, has increased faster than any other age groups. The shift to one person households is in part due to Canadians marrying later in life, divorcing more frequently, and living longer.

Client Story

Roger re-located after his wife’s death to be closer to his only siblings, a sister and brother (at their insistence). Anticipating support from them, Roger is dismayed to find that his sister lives out of town and works full-time and his brother is retired and winters in Palm Springs. Roger’s wife handled all the family finances and now that she is gone, he is lost. He is adamant about paying his few bills and for incidentals in cash. While the almost daily walk to the bank is good exercise, carrying cash is not a good idea.

Roger’s important personal and financial documents were strewn all throughout his suite and he was paralyzed by indecision when we met him for our initial visit. We got started by getting everything organized into a Family Playbook™. This is of great value to Roger as he now knows where everything is located — and it will be greatly appreciated by his Power of Attorney and Executor down the road.

We automated all bill payments and Roger has agreed to limit the cash in his pocket to $50. We also worked with Roger to develop a monthly budget. He is much more relaxed and appreciates our monthly check-in visits where together we review all of his bills, statements and financial activities for the month.

“I feel so much better and have been able to tell my sister that I can take care of myself now.o much better and have been able to tell my sister that I can take care of myself now.”

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