Power of Attorney

Financial Concierge™ activities will include:

  • Coaching individual named as Power of Attorney


  • Acting as Attorney with appointment as Enduring Power of Attorney or “EPA” which is designed to be in effect even after the individual who created it (“Donor”) loses mental capacity.
  • Consulting with the Donor for so long as the Donor is mentally capable.
  • Consulting with those who take care of the Donor
  • Consulting with the Donor’s family and friends
  • Handle all of the financial affairs of the client including
    • Paying bills
    • Depositing and investing monies
    • Using the Donor’s assets for the Donor’s support and care
    • Preparing and submitting the Donor’s tax returns
    • Maintaining trusts for dependent children, if any
    • Dealing with legal and accounting matters
  • Keep complete and detailed financial records.
  • Provide financial reports monthly to Donor and family
  • Upon Donor’s death, provide all records to the Donor’s Personal Representative (Executor/Executrix)

See Enduring Power of Attorney for additional information on the role of Enduring Power of Attorney.

NOTE: The Financial Concierge will secure a fiduciary bond prior to accepting appointment as Enduring Power of Attorney.

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