Alberta Resident and Family Councils Act Tool Kit

Resident and Family Councils Act

New Alberta Legislation

Alberta Resident and Family Councils Act

In a move that should give beleaguered families more say over the quality of life their loved ones receive in long-term care facilities, the Alberta government has passed the Resident and Family Councils Act.  The NDP’s new legislation, which came into effect in April 2018, guarantees residents and families the rights to establish self-governing councils in long-term care facilities.  That means if a home is providing substandard food, services or activities, the law requires them to work with the family council to resolve any concerns.  The councils are seen as a way for residents and their families to be more involved and in control of their lives.

“As a government, we completely agree that Albertans should have a voice in these matters,” said Sarah Hoffman, Alberta’s minister of health.

If you are interested in setting up a family or resident council, download the toolkit now.


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