Navigating Probate Administration with Ease!

Welcome to Financial Concierge™, your trusted provider of professional executor services and estate administration support. We understand the difficulties involved in probate administration, and we are here to help you settle estates efficiently and in accordance with your loved one’s wishes. Whether you are a family, a busy professional, or an older adult, our experienced and knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.

Our professional executor services include:


  • Appointed Executor: Acting as the appointed executor, we take on the responsibility of managing and providing oversight for all estate administration tasks. We ensure that the process is handled smoothly and efficiently, relieving you of the burden.
  • Support Your Executor: If you have chosen a family member or friend as your executor, we can support them by acting as their agent for tasks that require expertise or significant time. We also provide coaching to help them with tasks they choose to handle themselves.
  • Appointed as Administrator: In cases where an individual passes away without a will (intestate), we can be appointed by the court as the administrator of the estate. We handle all the necessary duties and ensure compliance with legal requirements.

Note: We also provide probate administration services in Alberta. For more information feel free to contact.

Choosing the right executor is crucial for successful estate settlement. Jill Chambers, the Founder a••••••••nd President of Financial Concierge™, emphasizes the importance of selecting an experienced executor. There are key skills that an executor must possess, including:

  • Communication: Clear and timely communication to manage expectations and facilitate family conflict resolution.
  • Negotiation: The ability to structure deals with creditors, work with insurers, and settle accounts with other organizations involved.
  • Regulatory Knowledge: Familiarity with filing requirements, probate deadlines, asset valuation forms, and tax returns.
  • Organization: Effective prioritization and project management skills to handle multiple tasks associated with estate administration.
  • Collaboration: Knowing when to engage professionals such as accountants, lawyers, investment advisors, and insurance agents.
  • Resilience: Clear thinking and decision-making under pressure and in times of stress.
  • Good Judgment: Making decisions based on the values of the deceased, rather than personal opinions.

At Financial Concierge™, we offer an alternative to appointing family or friends as executors. Professional executors administer estates for a living and have in-depth knowledge of regulatory requirements and estate administration duties. There are different options available:

  • Corporate Professional Executors: Banks or trust companies with dedicated teams for managing complex estates. They often have minimum asset requirements and charge fees based on a percentage of the estate value, along with ongoing administration charges.
  • Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee: A government agency that takes stewardship of estates when the deceased dies without a will. Their fees are typically a percentage of the estate value, plus ongoing administrative charges.
  • Professional Executors: Qualified individuals, including lawyers, accountants, and financial services professionals with estate management certifications. Fees can vary depending on the chosen professional.

Hiring a professional executor offers several advantages, including impartiality, expertise, consistency, reduced liability, and unburdening family and friends during the grieving process. At Financial Concierge™, we provide personalized, efficient, and timely estate administration services in Canada. Our team is dedicated to earning your trust, providing frequent communication, working with a sense of urgency, and staying updated through ongoing education. We have no minimum asset threshold and offer competitive pricing based on a percentage of the estate value.

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