Daily Money Management (DMM) Services

Providing Daily Money Management Services to Canadians Since 2018

Meet Jill Chambers, Founder and President, sharing how we help busy professionals, families, and older adults with their day-to-day money management needs, including accurate, on-time bill payments, with ongoing record keeping. As Daily Money Managers, we make sure bills get paid, cheques get deposited, and budgets are managed.

About Our DMM Services

As a fiduciary, the Financial Concierge™ team holds a position of trust with our clients.

As a Daily Money Manager, we act under a Power of Attorney (POA) and offer the following services:

  1. Appointed Attorney – Acting as the appointed “Attorney” we support our clients to manage financial matters when directed to do so for a limited scope or time period, or when they no longer can.
  2. Agent of Attorney – We support the appointed Attorney, usually a family member or friend, as their agent to perform “Attorney” duties that require expertise or significant time, and coach them on tasks they choose to perform themselves.
  3. Appointed as Attorney – We are appointed by the court as “Attorney” when an individual requires support with financial matters and no one has been appointed to do so.

Foundational to our daily money management services is the development of our Family Playbook™. It organizes important personal and financial documents and outlines wishes regarding final arrangements in one easy-to-access location.

Enjoy Peace of Mind With Daily Money Management Services

Getting a better grasp of daily money management practices helps reduce overall stress, lower debt levels, stop late fees, and a host of other unnecessary risks that impact your financial health and security.

Daily Money Managers are trusted professionals who take on different roles to help busy professionals, families with aging parents and seniors who want to age in place. Working under a Power of Attorney, they take care of the tedious yet important financial affairs you don’t have time to manage.

Which one describes you?

Busy Professional

No time to manage daily financial matters

You're a busy professional.

Your career is all consuming and you simply can’t find the time to pay bills, file insurance claims, get tax information in order, etc.

Busy Family with Aging Parents

No time to juggle kids, job and support needs of parents

You're a busy family.

You’re stretched trying to meet the demands of your kids, boss and aging parents. You keep shifting priorities to make it all work, but it never seems to be good enough.

Older Adult Aging in Place

Need support with daily health care and financial matters

You're an older adult.

You’re enjoying aging in your own home, but you need support with health care and financial tasks, and you don’t know where to turn to get help.

You’re looking for help to make your life work!

Here's How We Can Help

Why Money Management Services Benefit Older Adults

For seniors, management of daily financial obligations can become an overwhelming burden.

For many older adults, without the ongoing help of a loved one or a daily money manager (DMM), they could be at-risk for unpaid bills, undeposited cheques and the negative consequences of cut-off utilities, bank foreclosures, and financial exploitation.

Declines in managing finances are quite common among older adults and can often cause serious health and life problems. We often find older adults experience these situations:

At Financial Concierge™, we’re proud to fill a much-needed service gap for older adults – help with managing their daily financial affairs so they can age in place on their terms.

Getting old is like climbing a mountain: you get a little out of breath, but the view is much better.

— Ingrid Bergman

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As a fiduciary, the Financial Concierge™ team holds a position of trust with our clients. We specialize in providing professional executor services and estate administration support.

You can get in touch with us by going to our Contact Us page and using our Contact Us form. We look forward to connecting with you!