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A Financial Concierge™ provides professional power of attorney and executor services for Canadians who need help with responsibilities associated with these roles.

We can be appointed as an executor and/or “attorney”, or act as an agent to provide support and coaching for the appointed representatives. As a fiduciary, we assume the risk, focus solely on the best interests of our clients and are accountable for the work we deliver.

From assuming all the executor tasks required to settle an estate to performing day-to-day financial activities and resourcing health care providers under Powers of Attorney, we provide the experience, oversight, project management, and engagement with the necessary professionals to deliver positive outcomes for our clients.

what we do

Our Basic Services Include

Professional Executor Services

We support our clients with estate administration and/or assume the role of Executor.

Professional Power of Attorney (POA) Services

We act as "attorneys" and/or agents for property and personal care directives. This may include daily money management activities, such as bill payments and budgeting, as well as assisting with managing healthcare matters.

Document Organization

Using our proprietary Family Playbook™, we help our clients get organized with their personal and financial documents. Our Family Playbook™ is foundational for all our services

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Are you an experienced, self-starter looking for a new entrepreneurial opportunity as a professional executor and power of attorney?

If you have a passion to help Canadians manage power of attorney duties for property and health care decisions, and executor duties at a time of the largest intergenerational wealth transfer, then this role is a fit for you.

Our goal is to support every client’s unique circumstance, whether they’re struggling when the unexpected happens with no financial or medical plan, or they have a well articulated plan.  We help inexperienced family members by providing impartial, experienced POA and estate administration services.


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