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A Financial Concierge™ is a Daily Money Manager (DMM) who performs personal day-to-day financial services for seniors who are unable to do so themselves.

Proud to offer a unique, heartfelt service that fills a much needed gap in financial services available to seniors, we provide clarity, insight, and partnership in the management of day-to-day financial matters. Our services are professional, personalized, confidential, and in-home wherever possible. In a nutshell:

“We help older adults who can’t, don’t, or shouldn’t manage their daily financial affairs.”

And, although our primary focus is on supporting seniors, we also provide these services to busy professionals, small businesses or other individuals in need.

what we do

Our Basic Services Include

Document Organization

Important personal and financial documents organized in our Family Playbook™

Bill Payments

Bill payments, budgeting, record keeping and statement reconciliation

Wills & Estates

Estate administration and assist or assume role(s) of Executor and/or Power of Attorney

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Your Rewarding Career Adventure Awaits

Are you a mature, experienced, self-starter looking for a new entrepreneurial opportunity in the burgeoning senior market? If you have a passion to improve the quality of life for seniors through helping manage their day-to-day financial activities, then this role may be just right for you.

Our goal is to help seniors age in place with independence and on their own terms. We believe they deserve affordable service options to help them face the inevitable changes that come with aging and provide peace of mind.


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