Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Financial Concierge™?

A Financial Concierge™ is a daily money manager who provides assistance to clients with managing their personal financial matters. Examples of the kinds of services that a Financial Concierge™ provides include: bill payments; cheque writing; bank account and credit card reconciliations; submitting health, dental and drug claims and organizing tax records. The scope of services provided varies, based on each client’s individual needs and desires.

How do you charge for your services?

After a complimentary initial consultation, fees are charged on an hourly basis plus a travel fee. Please call us for the current hourly rate.

How do I know I can trust you?

All Financial Concierges have a good to excellent credit scores verified annually and a clear background check including a vulnerable sector report.  We are all members of the American Association of Money Managers and comply with their Code of Ethics.

Financial Concierge Inc. has been vetted and approved by the Better Business Bureau.

Are you insured?

Financial Concierge Inc. carries $2M Commercial General Liability and $2M Professional Liability insurance which covers all Financial Concierges.

Will I lose my independence if I hire Financial Concierge Inc?

No. Our services help our clients remove the stress and anxiety of managing day to day  financial activities and paperwork and may help keep them living independently longer.  

By working with Financial Concierge Inc. do I have to give up control over my accounts?

No. Our clients retain complete control (including signature authority) over their bank accounts.

If I hire Financial Concierge Inc. do I still need other legal, investment, or financial professionals?

Yes. Financial Concierge Inc. does not provide tax, investment or financial advice. We work together with, and not in place of, these other professionals. Financial Concierge Inc. will act as your advocate and serve as a liaison between you and your attorney, accountant, insurance agent, bank/brokerage firm, and investment advisor.

Will I have the same Financial Concierge™ visiting me each time?

Yes. Your Financial Concierge™ is dedicated to serving you and will be at every visit, except in times of illness or vacation when another member of the Financial Concierge Inc. team will gladly step in to help.

How do I get started with Financial Concierge Inc.?

Book a Consultation

During your complimentary initial consultation, we will explore which of our services may be helpful to you once we learn about you and your needs. We are happy to assist you with some or all of your day to day financial activities.

If you have additional questions, please call us at 1-888-483-2176.