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Daily money management for Aging Parents

If you have a parent or loved one who is a senior, it’s common to be concerned about whether they’re staying on top of their bills. Are some getting paid twice? Are any being missed? Are the credit card charges valid?

When a senior has mild cognitive impairment, the ability to manage their finances can be one of the first things to diminish. To support seniors and their families in this situation, we offer in-home bill payment services and ongoing record keeping to seniors in Calgary and across Canada.

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Who would benefit from Bill Payment Services?

For seniors, management of daily financial obligations can become an overwhelming burden. If a senior reaches this point, without the ongoing help of a loved one or a daily money manager (DMM), they could be at-risk for unpaid bills, undeposited cheques and the negative consequences of cut-off utilities, bank foreclosures, evictions and financial exploitation.

People who would benefit most from bill payment services are often in situations similar to these:

  • Parents who are ashamed to tell their adult kids that they need help paying bills
  • Stroke survivors who can no longer write cheques easily
  • Seniors who want the peace of mind of knowing they’re supported in this important area
  • Widows or widowers whose late spouse formerly handled the bills

Achieve Peace of Mind with Bill-Paying Services

At Financial Concierge, we have a team of trusted daily money managers (DMMs) with extensive experience providing day-to-day personal financial services for elderly parents – giving you peace of mind in the process.

Our Bill Payment Services Include:

  • Day-to-day banking
  • Interpreting investment statements
  • Budgeting
  • Organizing slips & receipts for income tax
  • Reconciliation of bank & credit card statements
  • Locating & arranging safekeeping of will, health care directive & power of attorney
  • Establishing electronic bill payments & auto-debits
  • Vigilance regarding signs of fraud or financial abuse
  • Submitting health, dental & travel insurance claims
  • Providing monthly updates to family/referral source
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