Financial Concierge is a Proud Trusted Partner of C.A.R.P.

Financial Concierge partners with C.A.R.P.

About C.A.R.P.

C.A.R.P. – A New Vision of Aging is Canada’s largest advocacy association for older Canadians promoting equitable access to health care, financial security, and freedom from ageism. Backed by more than 320,000 members, C.A.R.P. is a non-partisan association committed to working with all parties in government to advocate for older Canadians.

C.A.R.P. membership support creates major changes in government policies and protects the dignity of Canadians as we age. Members are also rewarded with discounts on over 100 everyday products and services they know and love from C.A.R.P.’s trusted partners.

Our Partnership with C.A.R.P. is a Perfect Fit

Financial Concierge™ is proud to be welcomed as a C.A.R.P. Affinity Partner. Our partnership with Canada’s largest advocacy association for older Canadians is a perfect fit! We help seniors live independently by providing support for daily money management activities, ensuring bills get paid and cheques get deposited. C.A.R.P. members will save 10% off our Family Playbook™.

C.A.R.P. members will save 10% off our Family Playbook™

Foundational to our services, the Family Playbook™ keeps important personal and financial documents organized in one place with easy access.

Being organized and prepared is the best gift to give loved ones as it eliminates beneficiaries missing out on insurance benefits, or delays in settling an estate because a will can’t be located, or a bank account being frozen due to missing passwords. When the time comes for your power of attorney or executor to step in, you will have saved them hours of frustration searching for information and documents.

A recent CBC article is a good example of how not knowing passwords to access a deceased loved one’s digital accounts can prove to be a nightmare for the surviving family. As noted in the article, “Experts say that tech companies refusing to hand over digital assets is a problem affecting everything from stocks, insurance policies and PayPal to gaming credits, social media posts and family photos.” Apple blocks widow from honouring husband’s dying wish | CBC News

Exclusive to C.A.R.P. members, claim this benefit today. Simply complete the Contact Us form, enter your C.A.R.P. membership number in the “Additional Information” section. Alternatively, call us at 1-888-483-2176.