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Shared Living Homes – An Alternative to Large Retirement Establishments

Discover a retirement living option that offers affordable high quality 2-to-12-person shared homes that match with your care needs and interests.

The pandemic shone a light on the inadequacies of our healthcare system and vulnerability of our retirement and long-term-care homes.  Innovative solutions are entering the market to address individuals with complex healthcare needs and challenges to preserve their current living situation. Homecare Hub is one such organization that offers personalized smaller shared home arrangements with higher quality of care at a lower cost compared to larger nursing home or retirement facilities.

For those not interested in co-housing, this company offers other care option services, like:

  • Care apartments – they help resource and manage shared care services for apartments with a high percentage of residents with similar care needs
  • Home care search –offers an expedia-like vetted caregiver network for those who want to remain in their own home and receive one-on-one care
  • Adult day-care programs – provides a service to bring individuals together in safe spaces in their own communities to participate in daily activities
  • Care navigation – offer social worker support for patient and families to navigate the healthcare system and co-ordinate care services

These types of services offered by Homecare Hub, and other organizations, are designed to provide choices for retirement living that support aging in one’s own home or smaller, more affordable shared living arrangement.

Larger retirement facilities are also a viable option for a fulfilling retirement lifestyle. It depends on your situation, budget and lifestyle preferences.

Small Care Homes Have Been Around for Decades

The concept is not new and when created in a high-quality manner, the benefits are well documented.  Since the pandemic, they are gaining traction because they offer a retirement lifestyle that:

  • Matches individuals sharing housing with similar interests, language and personal care needs
  • Ensures the same high-quality, vetted caregivers provide services to the individuals of the shared home
  • Offers personalized care and housing at affordable costs
  • Provides companionship and tailored activities to prevent loneliness and social isolation
  • Allows homeowner/host of shared housing to age in their own home and benefit from reduced home and care expenses
  • Aims to keep individuals in their own community  and circle of friends

Homeowners Can Age in Place with Plenty of Support

Shared homes provide many benefits for older solo homeowners who have plenty of space to share and need help with maintaining their home and paying the bills. Becoming a host for this home sharing lifestyle has its perks, providing support with:

  • Converting the home to a shared care home environment
  • Ongoing maintenance and upkeep
  • Reduced expenses through the co-sharing arrangement
  • Companionship and shared personal care services

Dedicated Vetted Caregivers Matched to Residents’ Needs

Support workers want good working conditions, competitive wages, consistent hours, and a steady clientele. Patients need highly qualified, trustworthy, compassionate care providers.  The shared care home model creates a winning situation:

  • Caregivers work in a supportive environment where they can focus on providing quality care and building relationships with residents
  • Residents can count on attentive, personalized care where their needs are attended to promptly and compassionately
  • Technology, designed to optimize care, ensures that the right care workers are matched with the right clients
  • Technology, designed to match residents with similar care needs, ensures smart allocation of resources to help keep costs affordable

Wrap Up

Aging in your own home or community is highly valued by many older adults when making decisions about retirement living. It’s exciting to see new innovative services that support this lifestyle goal.  Services that provide quality standards and cultural care – next generation innovations – affordable solutions – exceptional search experience – and prevention of loneliness and social isolation. Homecare Hub is one such service provider, learn more at

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