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Stop Rubbing Salt in the Wound

When someone is bereaved, it is so painful to be constantly reminded of the loss by: 

  • receiving mail addressed to the deceased
  • phone calls for the deceased
  • emails addressed to the deceased

There is now an easy way to stop these unwanted phone calls and direct mail!

It is called Canada Bereavement Registry.

There is no charge to the consumer to use the service. The service enables companies to remove names, addresses, email addresses and phone numbers from their databases.

The costs are covered by companies who subscribe to the service to cut down on telemarketing costs and to minimize the environmental waste generated by millions of pieces of unwanted direct mail. Insurance companies utilize the service to help identify beneficiaries of life insurance policies.

This is the only service of its kind that I have come across in Canada. We use the service when administering estates. It takes about 6 weeks to fully stop the calls and mail.

To register for the complimentary service:

NOTE: If you continue to get unwanted mail or calls, contact them again at cbr@canada-bereavement-registry.ca and Canada Bereavement Registry will reach out to the company directly.

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