Document Organization for seniors
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A Client Story – Document Organization & Estate Administration

John and Mary were married 65 years. They had three children. Mary looked after the paperwork and bill payments all through their married lives. Mary became ill and was in hospital for approximately three months before passing away. John was exhausted from the experience and thankful he had children who offered to help him with funeral arrangements. He had an idea of what Mary wanted and she had written down instructions…. somewhere. Having downsized to move into a retirement village, so many papers had been chucked.

John needed help with getting their files, paperwork and bill payment information together in one place. He also needed assistance in finalizing Mary’s estate as Executor. He received assistance from a consultant with Financial Concierge Inc. in completing the Family Playbook™ and now has all of his important documentation and information in one place. The Financial Concierge™ also came alongside John to complete the administration of Mary’s estate and assisted him with arranging to have some of his bill payments done by automatic payment so he would not have to remember to pay these bills monthly or make the mistake of paying the same bill multiple times.

John now feels more confident about his financial independence and being able to age in place.

Financial Concierge™ can help!

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