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Bill Paying Services for Seniors

Meet Jill Chambers, Founder and President, sharing how we help our elderly clients with their day-to-day money management, including accurate, on-time bill payments, with ongoing record keeping. As Daily Money Managers, we ensure bills get paid and cheques get deposited.

The owner cares about the financial wellbeing of all seniors and is determined to offer exceptional service to all clients.
Roy G.
Calgary, AB

Daily Money Management

For seniors, management of daily financial obligations can become an overwhelming burden.

For many older adults, without the ongoing help of a loved one or a daily money manager (DMM), they could be at-risk for unpaid bills, undeposited cheques and the negative consequences of cut-off utilities, bank foreclosures, and financial exploitation. At Financial Concierge™, we’re proud to offer a unique, heartfelt service that fills a much needed financial service gap for older adults – help with managing their daily financial affairs so they can age in place with dignity, on their terms.

Seniors who benefit most from bill payment/DMM services are often in situations similar to these:

Foundational to our bill payment/DMM services is the development of our Family Playbook™. It organizes important personal and financial documents, passwords, and outlines wishes regarding final arrangements in one easy to access location.

we also assist

Remote Caregivers

If you are caring for an aging loved one, it can be an emotional and stressful time. And, as your parents age, cognitive abilities decline, along with the ability to manage their finances. A recent New York Times article discusses seniors’ financial problems – “As Cognition Slips, Financial Skills Are Often the First to Go”.

An experienced DMM can provide day-to-day bill payment and personal financial services for elderly parents, giving peace of mind to the senior and adult children that their financial affairs are being taken care of properly and professionally.

daily money management for seniors

how we can help

At Financial Concierge™, we have a team of trusted daily money managers (DMMs) who are members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers and are required to have a good to excellent credit score verified annually, current clear background check and vulnerable sector report from local police and adhere to a strict Code of Ethics.

A Financial Concierge™ activities include:

Day-to-day Banking

Reconciles bank and credit card statements

Electronic Accounts

Establishes electronic bill payments and auto debits


Joins your team of professionals to manage your financial affairs


Monitors for fraud; applies for senior discounts; files insurance claims

Then we create for you:

Record Keeping System

Set up and maintain a record keeping system

Secure & Protected

Protect your confidential information by uploading to our secure CRM system

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As a fiduciary, the Financial Concierge™ team holds a position of trust with our clients. We can coach your personal representative(s) or act as your personal representative in the management of your financial affairs and estate.

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