Our Professional Executor/Power of Attorney (POA) services offer support in estate administration and financial/healthcare matters

Financial Concierge™ provides professional Executor and Power of Attorney (POA) services for families, busy professionals and older adults.

As your professional Executor/POA, we deploy our experienced team to manage your financial/healthcare affairs when you no longer can, execute on your wishes upon death, and avoid challenging family dynamics by offering an impartial, third-party solution.

We offer three Professional Executor/POA services:

  1. Appointed Executor and/or Attorney – Acting as the appointed executor and/or attorney under a POA, we manage and provide oversight on all estate administration responsibilities and provide support with financial or healthcare matters when you no longer can.
  2. Support your Executor and/or Attorney – Support the executor/attorney, usually a family member or friend, as their agent to perform executor/attorney duties that require expertise or significant time and coach them on tasks they choose to perform themselves.
  3. Appointed as Administrator/Attorney – We may be appointed by the court as administrator of an estate when an individual dies intestate (without a will), or appointed as an attorney to manage financial and/or personal care matters when there is no POA in place.

Regardless of your choice of service, our team is led by three guiding principles.

  1. Demonstrate Integrity – We work hard to earn trust by managing our clients’ affairs with impartiality and fairness, and honouring loved one’s wishes exactly as directed.
  2. Be Transparent – We strive to be transparent by providing relevant, timely communication to stakeholders and manage expectations by providing regular progress updates.
  3. Work with Urgency – We work smart and purposefully to complete the work. We know delays can have a financial, physical and emotional cost to family and other beneficiaries.
About Financial Concierge in Canada

Our Story

At Financial Concierge™, we offer Executor and Power of Attorney services. We help families, busy professionals and older adults get their financial, health care and estate wishes honoured with the expertise, care, and urgency they expect.
Jill Chambers

Jill Chambers

"Hello, I am Jill Chambers, and I founded Financial Concierge with a clear purpose – to help vulnerable families, busy professionals and older adults emerge successfully from the fallout of being unprepared – and to proactively educate, inspire and enact estate planning. I built a diverse team who has the expertise and passion required to perform corporate Executor and POA services."

Meet Our Dedicated Team

Jill Chambers, President of Financial Concierge

Jill Chambers

A natural nurturer, passionate about client service excellence.

Photo of Carla Czaikowski, Financial Concierge

Carla Czaikowski

Helps the “sandwich generation” look after their aging parents.

Photo of Laurie Belanger, Financial Concierge consultant

Laurie Belanger

Heart-centered service with seniors, older adults and their families. 

Photo of Garry Mah, Financial Concierge

Garry Mah

Focused on keeping older adults safe from fraud and financial abuse.

Photo of Carol Fowlie, Financial Concierge

Carol Fowlie

Consummate organizer, problem solver and financial coach.

Photo of Phil Doublet

Phil Doublet

Expert Executor and Power of Attorney in medium to highly complex Estates

Photo of Janet Jackson, Financial Concierge

Janet Jackson

A passionate supporter of empowering seniors to age in place.

Photo of Carrie Van Staveren, Financial Concierge

Carrie Van Staveren

Engaging and friendly and takes a true interest in each individual’s personal situation.

Photo of Penny Towndrow

Penny Towndrow

Power of Attorney and Estate Planning Activist and Advisor

To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.

— Tia Walker, author of The Inspired Caregiver


Why hire Financial Concierge!

our services

What We Do

Our services section is being updated, check back soon for our updates! Here’s our current list of services:

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Review Your Financial Accounts

Power of Attorney

Our Vision

Our vision is to educate Canadian families, busy professionals and older adults about the responsibility and skills required to be an Executor or Power of Attorney and build awareness that as professional Executors and Attorneys, we offer an alternative to appointing family members or friends by providing the experience, expertise and impartiality vital to assuming these important roles.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help Canadian families, busy professionals and older adults with professional Executor and Power of Attorney services. Our goal is to support every client’s unique circumstance, whether they’re struggling when the unexpected happens with no financial or medical plan, or they have a well articulated plan, our experienced, impartial team is well positioned to deliver power of attorney and estate administration services.

Our goal for you is Peace of Mind!

Our Values


We’re passionate about educating Canadians that the unexpected can disrupt their lives in an instant, and instead of burdening inexperienced family or friends with their financial, healthcare and estate matters, they could appoint an impartial Professional Executor and/or Power of Attorney to assume the responsibility and risk associated with these roles.


The Financial Concierge™ team is a well rounded group of seasoned individuals with diverse experience in financial and estate administration services. All have a current clear background check and vulnerable sector report, and good to excellent credit scores.


We have comprehensive liability coverage and are transparent in our work with clients. As Professional Executors, we protect ourselves and our clients with additional executor liability insurance. As Members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, we are governed by their strict standards and Code of Ethics. Team members are also governed by other professional financial organizations.