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Impartial, Experienced, Executor and Power of Attorney (POA) Services

Hire us for professional Executor and POA services and get the care and protection you and your legacy deserve.

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Our professional Executor/POA services offer support in financial and healthcare matters and estate administration for families, busy professionals, and older adults. We will assume executor and “attorney” roles or act as agent for your appointed executor/ “attorneys”.

As executor/attorney, or an agent providing support and coaching for appointed representatives, we are fiduciaries accountable for our actions and solely focused on our clients’ interests.

Unburden your Family & Protect your Legacy

How we can help

We honour your wishes with oversight, experience, and a strong network of professionals. Our services include:

Professional Executor

We assume the risk and responsibility. From valuation of assets, selling and disposing of property, paying debts and taxes due, to disbursing proceeds to beneficiaries, we protect the nest egg you spent a lifetime building with proper estate management.

Professional Power of Attorney

As your attorney and advocate, we make financial and healthcare decisions on your behalf. We make sure cheques are deposited, bills get paid and care givers are resourced. We honour your wishes so you can maintain quality of life on your terms.

Document Organization

We organize your important documents in our Family Playbook™. Foundational to our Executor and POA services, your personal representatives use this easy access roadmap to deliver your healthcare and financial wishes exactly as directed.

Our purpose is to help families, busy professionals and older adults manage the financial and healthcare challenges of living with physical or mental incapacity and to provide impartial, experienced support to deliver timely estate settlement.

As your professional executor/attorney, or agent for your personal representatives, we manage your financial/healthcare affairs when you no longer can, execute on your wishes upon death, and avoid challenging family dynamics by offering an impartial, third-party solution.

We’re passionate about educating Canadians about the importance of being prepared and how the unexpected can disrupt their lives in an instant. We offer an alternative to burdening inexperienced family or friends with the responsibility and risk associated with assuming an executor or attorney role.

Friendly and professional, the Financial Concierge™ team helped me get my important information and documents organized and gave me peace of mind by acting as my personal representative.
Julie B.
Big Valley, AB

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