Meet the Team

Jill Chambers

Staff Photo Jill Chambers

Jill has always been a nurturer and a service provider.  Her passion is in excellent client service. “I love helping others”

She has extensive experience in healthcare working with seniors and vulnerable individuals as well as years of experience as a financial planning professional.

Jill's undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Nursing. She holds several professional designations including certified financial planning professional “CFP”, chartered financial divorce specialist “CFDS”, chartered investment manager “CIM”. Her most recent designation is certified executor advisor "CEA".

She is passionate about informed consent, financial literacy, efficiency, and organization.

For Jill, supporting local charities is important. She is involved and provides ongoing support for two local charities, Pet Access League Society “PALS” and Made By Momma. Head to the blog to read about why these are Jill's Charities of Choice.

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Dean Sallenback

Staff Photo Dean Sallenback

Following a lengthy career in corporate finance Dean is now returning to his hobby of personal money management. In addition to having spent most of his working career as the Controller of an international company, he has also worked as a tax preparer, in various Municipal Government roles and as a contractor in other accounting-related assignments. Recently obtained the Registered Retirement Consultant (RRC) and Certified Executor Advisor (CEA) designations and is ready to work with senior clients to bring peace of mind to their retirement money and estate matters.

Carla Czaikowski

Staff Photo Carla Czaikowski

Carla enjoyed a 25 year accounting career in the oil and gas industry, which exposed her to many walks of life and complicated situations. She noticed that she and many others around her were feeling the squeeze of the “Sandwich Generation” (a generation of people responsible for bringing up their own children and looking after their aging parents). It was time to focus on what was most important to her – people.

Carla thrives on helping others overwhelmed with day to day life management issues. She loves organizing, explaining and educating about financial matters. Carla has developed close enduring friendships with her clients in each of their unique situations.

Laurie Belanger

Staff Photo Laurie Belanger

Laurie possesses a Bachelor degree in Human Resources and Labour Relations. Laurie was a career federal public servant in Human Resources Services for 35 years with specialization in management, talent acquisition and labour relations achieving up to the senior management level of Assistant Director.

Laurie is fully versed in financial management as an independent professional woman. Additionally, Laurie is keenly aware the impact of dementia on day to day money management for seniors.

Mel Head

Staff Photo Mel Head

Inspiration and Sounding Board

Retired Professional Chemical Engineer

Mel came up with the idea of Financial Activity Management In Later Years “F.A.M.I.L.Y.” when managing financial activity for his aging father who resided in many provinces to the east in 2012. January 2018 was the ideal time and the concept of F.A.M.I.L.Y. morphed into Financial Concierge Inc.

Miss Molly

Staff Photo Molly the Dog

"Miss" Molly has been our personal support member for many years. Her belief in "time out" breaks for fresh air and walks keeps the rest of our team well balanced.

Always offering unconditional love, snuggles and sloppy kisses, Molly encourages us "humans" to take a moment to refocus and reenergize. Molly is our best cheerleader assisting with our progressive goals and achievements.