Aging In Place

“Aging in Place” means having access to various services and the health and social supports you need to live safely and independently in your home for as long as you wish or are able. Aging well involves being honest with yourself and having a plan. Most Canadians want to remain in their own homes for as long as possible.

This workshop is designed to get you thinking about all 9 areas of life to consider when Aging in Place. Start to draft a plan to age well.

This workshop works for individuals planning their own futures, or family members wanting to be proactive with their loved ones. Spaces are limited to 25, register today to secure your seat!

Live with Grace, Age in Place

Live with Grace, Age in Place is a seniors fair showcasing local seniors services in the areas of lifestyle, planning, health, and wealth.

About this Event

Live with Grace, Age in Place is a senior’s fair showcasing local seniors services in the areas of lifestyle, planning, health, and wealth.

About Live with Grace, Age in Place

This seniors’ fair boasts 20 local vendors showcasing services for seniors. This event is an opportunity to connect with local senior service business to address current or future needs.

Informative Presentations

We’re also pleased to offer ten half-hour presentations that showcase different topics regarding a healthy lifestyle, smart planning, and how to Age in Place. The schedule will be made available once confirmed. Please continue to check this page for updates.

Who should attend?

  • Retirees wanting to Age in Place and have a plan should their abilities decline
  • Pre-retirees wondering what is currently available
  • Adult children of seniors doing the leg work for their parents
  • Professionals working with seniors (networking)
  • Seniors Groups wanting a pleasant afternoon in a country club

Our vision for the Live with Grace, Age in Place fair is for families to come in and learn about senior services in an upscale venue, enjoy a drink and finger foods, mingle with other families, and connect with professionals that can address their current and future needs.

For more information on the organizers, please visit or

Prevent Elder Fraud by Getting Rid of Junk Mail

Thieving fraudsters are making a business of taking advantage of older adults. Almost 4 in 10 seniors are affected, losing over $3.6 billion each year.

And this isn’t only happening to the very old or those with Alzheimer’s or dementia – younger, more educated seniors are actually losing more money.

Did you know that the amount of junk mail your older adult receives is a sign of their fraud risk?

Getting rid of junk mail might seem like a lot of work, but it’s well worth it if it protects your older adult from losing their life savings to fraud.

  • Shred those pre-approved credit card applications

Putting a stop to the junk mail being sent to your older adult’s house is essential for reducing their fraud risk.

  • Have sign on the mailbox “No junk mail or flyers”.
  • If mail delivered to a superbox or bank of mailboxes in a building, have the postal carrier put a sticker in your slot indicating “No junk mail or flyers”.

It also reduces the risk that someone with early dementia would repeatedly donate to multiple charities, sign up for many credit cards, or spend an excessive amount on catalog purchases.

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Will Power

A Discussion about Wills, Estates, and Incapacity Planning
The Village: Brentwood’s Lifestyle Centre
4039 Brentwood Road NW Calgary

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